Happy Parents, Happy Children 


I can't

thank you


After a recommendation from a friend

I decided to reach out to Kelly

for help with our 9 month old son.

He was waking every couple of hours at night

and I could not get him back to sleep

without breastfeeding him. He also catnapped

for about 20 minutes at a time

during the day.

I was exhausted and didn’t have enough

energy for my 4 year old daughter.

It was taking its toll on our family.

I was so structured with my daughter

when she was a baby, but took a far more

relaxed approach with my son,

which led us here.

I met Kelly and immediately felt at ease

and confident in her knowledge and

ability to help us. After a few changes to

our routine and my sons’ habits,

he was sleeping though and having one long

and one shorter nap during the day. 

Kelly was warm, caring and supportive.

Not once did she mind answering one

of my hundreds of questions. She showed

genuine joy in seeing my little one sleep better. 
Kelly I can’t thank you enough for

all that you did to help us.