Prenatal & Newborn 

This package is ideal for new or expecting parents. The purpose of the newborn sleep consultation is to guide you about sleep for newborns and give you the tools to teach your newborn healthy sleep habits from a young age. Laying the foundations now will ensure they will sleep through the night easily and happily in the future.


This package is designed to set you up for success when it comes to bedtime, night wakings, naps and any other challenges or issues you and your baby may be facing.


If you are ready to make some positive changes to your toddler’s sleep habits then this is the package for you! 

Half Night Support

For clients who feel uneasy starting on their own and would like me to be with them to implement the plan for the first time.

A Little

The 'A Little Something' Package is only available to clients who have worked with Sleep by Kel previously.