Babies 3-18 months  


This package is designed to set you up for success when it comes to bedtime, night wakings,

naps and any other challenges or issues you and your baby may be facing.


  • A preliminary assessment allows me to fully understand your child's sleep habits and from this I can make appropriate recommendations for change

  • A private consultation where we will discuss strategies for implementing a healthy sleep plan for your baby, including sleep expectations, tips on nap times, extending night sleep, guiding you in helping your baby learn the necessary skills to sleep independently, early rising, night weaning and any unwanted sleep props or co-sleeping.

  • Providing a customised sleep plan, we will discuss your child’s customised sleep plan and how best to implement this.



With my help, your baby will learn to love their sleep and sleep environment, and we will achieve this through positive reinforcement, gentle, firm and fair techniques.  


Change is hard but much easier when you have support and I will be on hand to support you for 2 weeks via phone and email throughout the time we are working together!


Price - 2,500 AED