About Sleep by Kel 



I am Kelly Hewitt and I would love to tell you about myself and the journey that led me to becoming a Pediatric Sleep Consultant.


Sleep by Kel was founded on the values of love, compassion, honesty, understanding and professionalism. I was inspired to share from my own personal experiences and my goal is to support you and your family help your little ones learn to independently LOVE sleep ♡


In 2012 I got the amazing news that we were expecting our first born. Like many, my dreams had come true. I envisioned play dates, lovely pram walks, coffee dates with friends and hours gazing at my content, settled little newborn. I knew it wouldn't be all smooth sailing but how hard could it be, right?


Oh Tristan my sweet baby boy, he came out screaming and the screaming continued!

I struggled breastfeeding and with formula Tristan had severe reflux, it was the never ending vicious cycle. There were a whole lot of tears. I bounced, rocked, and held him but trying to settle Tristan was next to impossible. I was desperate! You name it, I tried it. Tristan was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and in turn had serve reflux. People kept saying it would just "take time" and things will only get better. The anxiety I got not knowing how long this would last for and that he wasn't getting the sleep he needed, left me feeling completely helpless and exhausted.

After four months of severe sleep deprivation and searching for every remedy, I began to explore options to get sleep sorted and began using different techniques. The difference that sleep made was incredible.

I then went on to being trained by Dana Obleman to become a sleep consultant. I believe everything in my life has led me to this. I feel this every day, with the success I have with my clients, the relationships that we building with the heartfelt happiness I experience each time I see such positive change for families.

I want you to experience all of the things you imagined, give your little one the best start to life ♡

Sleep by Kel xo

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